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Players are disappearing

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  • Players are disappearing

    Many players are quitting. Why?

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    Bec. there's too many options for one to have a clear answer to your question.
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      There is lots of reasons why people might quit.. >_>
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        and one main reason are the abundance of servers and the second lack of content plus many many others
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          Originally posted by daihieps2005 View Post
          Many players are quitting. Why?
          If/when I quit, that's because:

          1. The IMPOSSIBLE time commitment Wartune requires you to stay competitive. Yes you can pay to compensate some, but the money you have to put in to compensate against someone who can be present in all arenas and BGs and WBs is ridiculous. And for the very top? You have to put in ridiculous amount of both time AND money.

          2. The fixed schedule SUCKS for someone who has a full time job and a family. It doesn't matter that I'm in Asia -- the GMT+8 server is actually WORSE because not everyone can/want to play games at work!

          Otherwise, it's a great game


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            some people quited because of the merge also or bored of the game
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              Because people are never happy.

              It's true :/ People have this idea of a "perfect" game and it can't be reached. Even back when I used to play WoW, people complained about some of the silliest things - but to them these things mattered enough that sometimes they'd even quit.

              This is even more true of free games because the people who play for free have no monetary attachment - so it's easier to leave a character because no money was spent. And the people who do spend now have this entitlement because they know they contribute to the game's profits while others don't, so they want to be rewarded for it.

              But a game can't be perfect, because a lot of times 'perfect' is just a way of saying 'easy' and it leads to boredom and more people quitting.

              Quitting is part of video game life. Don't pay attention and keep having fun until you quit (and then the next person wonders why you quit until they quit, and so on and so on)
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                errr cuz hmmmm..why people quit...hmmm that is really hard....maybe no babe to flirt with?? O.o dunno beats me lolol
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                  who cares about opinion of others go play as long as your having fun go quit if not so simple lol


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                    This topic could be something for the management team to look at in order to make improvements base on your facts. I don't want my friends to quit because of their dissatisfaction about the game. I believe you are the same as me. So if you would kindly do your parts, hopefully the management team will do their.