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    Who still cash plays God Decent?

    I think after many months many have already all the star stear shards and sands to upgrade many sylphs so nobody really cashes for God Decent anymore..

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    I only use 10 BB for extra 5 minutes sometimes

    BB is free anyway so I don't mind to spend a few
    SERVER: Kong Server 4 Oceanic (others see us as Kong-S6)
    IGN: Kimwong
    CLASS: Knight
    PLAYER TYPE: Light casher
    BATTLE RATING: 300K - 420K range
    Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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      ofc they still cash, can't feed their egos if they aren't
      IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
      Class: Archer
      Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

      Guild: Black Lotus
      Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        I haven't cashed on GD since it came out, not even for a reset extension. If I'm remembering correctly, every time it's come out it starts on the Saturday that I work every other week. Working overnight shift I wouldn't stand a chance at getting any first-kills (not that I'd stand a chance against the top-BR players on my server anyway).

        I usually just wait until I wake up Sunday afternoon, get my MPD runs done and plow through as much as I can until I can't beat a boss within the reset timer. When I'm not suffering my hoarder tendencies I'll sometimes use pots & scrolls to get a bit further. I generally do well enough in the ranking that I just don't feel the need to cash on it.
        Obsidian, Lv80 Crit Mage (R2-S112)

        Retired, but still lurking forums.


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          I'm not gonna get the evo items anyway so I don't bother with it.
          I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


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            Took me 70 bb to get first kill from 9 to 18.

            Other then i still need refining stuff, it's kinda cool to get your name up there.