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No points or honor from BG

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  • No points or honor from BG

    I entered the BG that happens the same time as the WB just to get a few kills to max my honor but after a few kills, I stopped getting points of any type. I still needed 200 honor to be maxed. The first few kills, I was getting all the points like I should but then it just stopped, no pvp points, star points, nothing.

    It would say I was on a killing spree so it recognized the kill but no points from it. It ended up kicking me out because my point total has not changed for 5 minutes. The funny thing is the WB ended as soon as I was kicked out.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Happened to me once that I noticed to a lesser degree in sacred fire temple. I killed a player 3 times and got points and honor for the first and third but not the second. May have happened more than once because I don't usually pay that much attention to the chat or scores unless I am almost at max honor, this time however it was 2 vs 2 so not much else to do.