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Birthday rewards

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  • Birthday rewards

    ok so today october 19th I turned 24 and ive been playing wartune for awhile now and honestly its a good game but it should have more such as birthday gifts idk what you could give out on bdays but it would be nice and i also believe that each class should only get loot of their class instead of getting items for every class also in WB each player should receive gold and daru equal to the amount of damage they have dealt I.E. say i dealt out 200k damage to a world boss then instead of only getting say 26k gold and daru i would get 200k of each that would be absolutely awesome but these are just suggestions i hope n e one who thinks these r n e good will comment on what they think should be done also thank you and have good day

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    No, no, no I disagree with getting gold/daru equal to the amount of damage dealt. Why? When you see players taking part in all 3 WBs and doing 1M+...that's over 3M gold and daru per day. Yea don't do that. As far as the b-day gifts that could be neat. I would think something along the lines of what you get when you log in so many days per month. The equipment MMORPG that I have played gives you only your class in rewards. Wouldn't be much point in really doing MPs for gear if you got all you needed in a few days...

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      Since wartune has a profile that asks us to put in a birthdate, I guess a birthday gift option would be nice. O

      However, if that was implemented, you'd have to make it so we can only set birthday once. (or make it so that the first day we redeem is the "day" - and don't forget that people born april 29th should get it on may 1st on any non leap years...)

      The equipment It'd make it too easy to gear. Good things take time. Same for the WB's just too easy, so no.
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        Birthday gifts idea was posted on crystal saga too but it was turned down due to the fact its easy to abuse the rewards
        I disagree with WB too lets say someone who participates in all WB and deals lets say 45000 per strike (just saying)
        he/she would be soo rich and troops would be in a level above all levels
        disagree with Loots im Mp dungeon too
        i need trash items the ones i don't need to either sell or recycle for refine crystals
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