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Archer - HAdes or Gaia

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    Personnaly i use hercule on all, it's work prety well, except against dark and light one
    Against dark boss in sky trial i use a white hades, against light boss a purple athena
    Against all the other boss (electro and wind too) i use hercule

    In god i use elctro against ALL, same in AB, DI, Etc
    I use Hercule evrywhere except in sky trial

    At start i was using Athena in arena, but now in arena there is some iris who put team full life queit often, and a team full life can survive to an apolo delphic (it's hurt they are all half hp but they can survive) with hecrule each hit is a kill, so i use it too there now (we won around 14-15 match per day, so i think it's kinda not that bad)

    But it's cause i've put all my sepu in my hercule, and my marha too, i think a dark sylph with the same amount of evrything could do barely the same, maybe be a bit more stronger in arena

    It wasn't rly my choice, just i never got an hades, till yesterday for 100 sepu, and now it's too late to focus on it
    At start i wanna an hades and put evrything on it, but i can't it was too expensive, so i've put evrything into gaia who's free
    And i'm kinda happy with that
    Specialy for the 2nd evolution, component will be for free for free sylph and will cost a lot for light/dark so i guess it also depend of how many money you want to put in your sylph
    Noob Archer, Low Br, Can't complete anything, Useless ..... but still here on S181


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      Thank you for sharing your experience
      S25 - Buradoth's Grave
      CAIN Guild
      1.4M BR


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        Originally posted by karac View Post
        Hey guys, in your experience what is a best sylph? Gaia boosts a lot my patck, but Hades is a killer right? Which one you would recommend.
        There is no general answer for this question.
        It all comes down to what do you use it for(PvE or PvP).If it's for PvP,it also matters if it's CW or BG/Arena.
        For PvE,generally archers like Hercules,gives a patk boosts and it's the decent choice.
        The Hades would be very good for some PvP,especially on arena or GB where you have 4v4.Due to the AoE damage,and a generally smaller dark resistance on your enemies.
        Now,if you know who you are fighting,let's say in a duel,and that you know your target has only electric res crystals,then hades would be better
        So basically,it also depends on your opponent's resistance and sylph.
        Each sylph has it's strength and weakness,and it's also based on your playstyle.
        Hope this was helpful,take care.