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Banned account

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  • Banned account

    why does a player get banned for having something on status. and if you are gonna ban them dont you think they should know what they would be banned for and a warning should be given first. and ample time to change whatever they had on status if it was indeed offensive or in appropriate for wartune. also added time to make changes before getting banned . note some players do get disconnected alot on this game which you guys do fail to address.
    Now my friend got banned for having 2 words on his status and before he could change it he got disconnected so he did some stuff that he had to do and then came back to game to make changes and ban he was banned. now what time did he have to make changes and how was he to do it after getting banned so simply and for just 2 words. that it just wrong.
    now our guild is short of 1 very good promising player.
    Also i want to know was that ban really a permanent ban just for 2 words.
    or was it temporary and will be lifted after couple days. its already been 2 days already too.

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    Player bans are not discussed on the forum. The details of the ban are private between the GM's and the player who is banned.

    The player who is banned needs to submit a ticket to discuss their ban, and their future options.

    Thread Closed.
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