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How to pass level 80 Crypt as a Mage

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  • How to pass level 80 Crypt as a Mage

    So currently im a level 47 Mage, with 20k hps, 8200 matk, 5500 pdef, 9k mdef. have 2 skill bars, 1 for healing, 1 for dps. im in full level 40 legendary gear. fully enchanted. Astrals are all level 5, matk, pdef, hps, will destroyer. Gems are all lvl 4-5. fully socketed slots. Ive tried for days to get past the level 80 archer boss in crypt and i cant even get her to 1 bar. ive tried numerous rotations and specs and it just isnt happening. She always enrages and 1 shots me. Any help would great. Thanks in advance.

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    Can you show me a screen shot of just how far you are getting? What skills are you going in with, are you wearing any pots/scrolls/buffs? What level are your troops and their academy stats as well.. every little bit helps.. so the more info we have the easier to help you.
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      What is your BR? I know to beat level 100, you need around 40 to 50k.


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        sorry ya guess i coulda given u more info, my BR is 27k level 41 knights, if i pot and use academy about 30k is 47 matk, 35 mdef, 35 pdef, 20 troops, 30 hps. right now the second skill tree had 3 lighting, 3 rof, 3 delph, 3 thunder, 2 restoration. and maxed all the passives.

        the healing spec is 4 lighting. 4 rof, 3 restoration 2 suntora, max all the passives, 1 meteor, and that big group heal, forget the name offhand.
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          hum..i would wait a bit longer since when i first beat crypt as an archer i was about 31k BR (just) and i think its pretty much easier for an archer to beat lvl100 than a mage...lvl80 on the other hand is somewhat as hard as lvl100 (from your view point atm). Id suggest working on your BR a little bit more and if you can get to level 50 to get a sylph and/or templars you would pass lvl80 easily. For lvl100 you may need 40-50k keep working on it and save your crypt keys for when you do beat crypt
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            I don't think RoF and MD are necessary against bosses since you're gonna fight only the boss each 5 stages so you only need the following skills : lightening bolt, purification, blessed light, restoration and suntoria.....all maxed because you need to survive the bosses, or to remove the debuffs from some bosses using the puri skill. You can use AoE's against monsters but for bosses on catacombs you need to survive .. Thats how i reached lvl100 catacombs with like...40k br if my memory isnt failing.
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              The Boss of level 80 don't buff you but himself after time with a 1000% pat buff for 100 rounds.The only way to beat him as an mage is to have a loot of lp and max healing or a very high mag att so you can kill him before this stupid mega Buff.You don't need Suntoria or Puri with him they don't work.For the Cata i use as mage only standard att thunderer,Healing normal and Blessing light.Let your troop make most of the work and for the level 80 boss wait until you have Sylph and better troops.


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                To be brutally honest, that battle rating seems a little low. I am not saying that to be mean.. Also.. You need a good mix of damage meets healing to take the mob out before it takes you out. The next time you try to take the mob on, can you show us a screen shot of you, your skills, and JUST how close you are getting it.. don't laugh, seriously, when us players and mentors see the screenies we really can give better advice.. as we can see hmm.. is this a case of OMG I can't get off bar one.. or oh wow I have half a bar to go someone save me.
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                  I remember I was there not so long ago. For me, the lvl 80 archer boss was much harder to pass than lvl 100 (passed them both the same day). A mage with templars and a little over 30k br can start passing lvl 100 using AFK, but for a mage below lvl 50 and still using knights needs more br. I think I crossed lvl 80 catacombs with somewhere near 35k+ br when I was in the lower level 40s.

                  My lvl 80 catacombs strategy:
                  I concentrated my strategy around damage (matk). The archer boss' x1000% damage buff activates after a given amount of time, so the aim is kill it before it reaches that point. But you also need to last long enough, so hp and defense are also important. The archer boss deals PATK damage, so you need PDEF only. Astrals I used were MATK, PDEF, Will Destroyer (makes your attacks stronger) and Goddess Blessing (reduces incoming damage).

                  Skills you want to look at which skills cause the most damage for you. I used Lightning and ROF as my damage skills. I was at a point where my ROF was starting to do more damage than my Lightning. I also had Metoric, but didn't use it because it was doing less damage than my Lightning. You definitely want Suntoria and Restoration to keep yourself and your troops alive for as long as possible. I don't recommend Blessed Light because of the huge rage it consumes (even with legendary gear) and the time that it takes to cast. Speed is crucial.

                  Last but not least, the ability to use double hits really aids a lot. It's a race, so being able to land a few more hits than normal is quite helpful.

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                    not so long ago i had same problem check this link and you ll find the answer,gl.


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                      Critical + Determination astral, MATK astral, Block astral, Lightning Bolt and Thunderer.