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    is there any way that we are going to possibly get underground palace back. It was fun and it provided useful items. I personally would like it back. You have the golden road but not everyone can do that just like not everyone can do the wheel of prosperity. So please please please can they bring back underground palace.

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    At this time, you, like us.. can only hope and wait. We are not told in advance of when an event will come. So sadly, all we can do for now is sit and really stalk the news and events forum section while we await any future announcements.
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      It's coming back sometime next month, atm they're resolving "issues" with the title for ranking *aka an excuse to release all the cash events for HoF first

      So yeah, stalk the news an events forum if it makes you feel better.


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        I already stalk all of the wartunes forums... lol nothing new to me.


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          the underground what?
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          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
          but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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            please bring this back at lease 2x per month its very handy very useful to me and many others its been well over a month since the last one u have 2 events per month would be easy to tie in underground to events
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