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    saw this from wartune news facebook fan page(credit to nikos) ... this is in china... we may get it 2016? i know i shouldnt worry about this now, but it looks amazing this is light +dark, so far all i know is you need 2 red sylphs and some resources to do it :/ sooo we gonna need maybe a couple 10000 balens?? what do you guys think of this, or we may not get it at all?? Click image for larger version

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    I have to go and say, as a reminder, what China gets we aren't always going to get.. and somethings we get.. China doesn't always get.. its one of those.. so while this may seem super awesome (and it so is) just remember that there is no guarantee what down the road will bring to us.
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      If anyone intends to cash for the next 2 years, they can have an awesome pet to prove their loyalty.


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        the red sylphs cost around 24K balens is you would but anything right away. Two of these will be 48K balens of course. The fusing between these are minimal another 30K balens, i don;t now what the other items are, and cannot find them on the internet :P....and these are only the chinese prices, so probably it's gonna cots 150-250% more. But hey...408K BR...that sylph slays the top player on our server on the moment xD
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          Gaia+Gaia=More Damage <---i'd pick that
          300K ish BATTLE RATINGS

          NON CASHER


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            the 195k br fused sylph is combo of orange dark and orange light sylph
            having lag? in-game problems? JUST BUY MORE BALENS


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              Originally posted by soloist21 View Post
              Gaia+Gaia=More Damage <---i'd pick that
              You might end up with 6 toes.


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                Originally posted by Mentor_Magik View Post
                I have to go
                Please do so.