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Soul crystal exchange VS older servers

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    I agree what they doing harm new players since they cant follow older players anymore, even older players that had not being active enogh to benefit of the passed event had fallen way behind and are not getting closer to us anytime soon if R2 takes away old Sc, gems, mtw rotation event, i know it couses a kind of chaos cuz peeps cap everything faster than it should and end up with an overwhelming amount of SC or MTW as those cap faster than gems. But if they already did it, taking it away is a real mistake, they, maybe a soluion is working on a system where a player who capped cant get more of those items via event or alike, or leave things as they are, since Stables cap the rotation brakes and all the amount of items start to decres cuz exchange, so the chain broken means the issue is solved, but all other players that has their chain fine should be able to reach the cap of his stable to breake his chain like all the others did.

    The real thing is that we cant always get what we want, so if im not having fun and do not want to quit, then, just spend less time on that and focus on somthing else, i come back full whem things gets better. If i cant deal with **** too much i just move on.
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