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Gym Synthesizer

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  • Gym Synthesizer

    i wrote to you last time telling about the gym synthesizer event and told you please don't put in it rune stone put instead mount training whip and make it unlimited not limited because we really need lots amounts of mount training whip that is why please make it unlimited like it used to be, also because we need too make our battle rating higher that is the main object wright,so please give us back the gym synthesizer event who is unlimited and have mount training whip of course besides the other things that in it too gym packs and if lvl5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.And if you can please make an event or a place in cloud city that we could get gyms transposers lvl10,11,12 because it is really hard to get gyms transposers lvl10,11,12 from the tormented necropolis and thank you very much you all great people here the staff of the R2 games and hope you have great thanks giving ,chrismas and happy new year.