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    Originally posted by Ashmedia View Post
    yeah they do sorta just search google for ''R2games careers.
    Click image for larger version

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    what a friendly looking guy

    he must be the full staff team
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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      Originally posted by Mentor_Alex View Post
      Very nice read I have to say.The model you were talking about is not implemented in coding only,it has various applications.
      If you want my personal opinion,this topic belongs in the suggestions section.
      On another note,I think(but not very sure about it,and it's just my personal opinion) that the steps above can't be completed by R2,because R2 is a publisher,they are not developing Wartune.
      On yet another note,the waterfall model is not the only model to be used for such implementations.The devs might simply use another for various reasons.But since this information is obviously not available,it would be hard to comment on.

      As a final note,I hope this topic could catch the right eyes,and that events will go smooth.
      Have a nice day.
      Yep there are lotsa SDLC models available. Am just picking 1 for example purposes.
      While i might understand R2 is not the original developer per-say on the game or probably some events, but I think they do have the ability to test things out before it goes live.
      Such as this HoF, even though their supplier (or whatever it's called, PC?) provided them a crappy software, people don't just take and use without trying it out first.

      So if there's 0 testing being conducted, definitely it is a cupcake situation.
      Players got upset (for sure), mods / G.M.s got shouted at, and the ticketing system bloats up by thousands of tickets.

      And they have roughly a month from the time HoF was announced, to the time to take in the data for processing.
      Within that whole month, no one catches the problem that causes whatever this current situation we're facing with? This is what I find un-real especially when you're dealing with software which is totally test-able.

      Anyway thank you for the feedbacks.


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        Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post

        what a friendly looking guy

        he must be the full staff team
        Is this you at work ? lol


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          I can tell you what the problem is.

          The very same what I have seen with other similar Chinese games.

          Great, geniue game designers and programmers are rare like hell, even in China. So, there are a few such geniues, who design and make an excellent game, like Wartune. Wartune at start was a masterpiece, relatively bug-free, fun to play. It was a huge success, bring a lot of money. These designers/programmers got their payment and keep getting their royalty, so they move to a new project. The wel-oiled money-making machine's upkeep is tossed to second-tier programmers who are not only less skilled as the original ones, but also have to struggle with a code someone else made. And here comes the problem. Design loses coherency, bugs are no longer corrected and more are added with each patch. At this stage, the owners see that it is going to fall apart, so they scape forward: more and bigger sales, and only events which cost more money. You see, features like you have to click reward 30.000 times, or sylph skills randomly replaced, or events messed up daily, these things are not corrected for months, or forever. A typical sign that the game is no longer run by the same people who made it originally. Let's hope it does not get into the next phase like other similar games, ie. database crashes and data losses, and insiders / friends of insiders adding resources to their characters freely, ruining the game.
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