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    Although a message to you would have been appropriate, we are not obligated to inform you. We do try to inform players, but unfortunately it doesn't happen all of the time. We'll take this as a case of "what we did wrong and how we can improve". Thanks for the heads up and the feedback.

    When we change names to something like "Cupcake" or "ILikePonies" or something clearly unoffensive, it's a push for you to contact us. We know you don't want to keep "cupcake" so we DO expect you to contact us and we can change your name for you. Language and name filters aren't perfect, and we don't know what you want instead, but having it "Okay'd" in the past doesn't mean it won't come under review again in the future. Give us 3-4 potential names, in order of preference, in your ticket and we can make it happen.

    FYI, Mentors don't have the power to change names. They need R2Games staff to make the change Don't hate the Mentor, you can put the blame on me if it makes you feel better, but I'll use that as a way to improve our staff and the way we operate.


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      Fix filters in these forums. Stop looking like idiots.