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  • Need advice

    After a lot different advices and opinions I decide to ask that question here. I have big problem with my sylphs actually about choosing focus sylph...

    Im Archer, 60k BR, working on 60 gear ...

    My sylphs:
    - Iris(Green 4*): She is without Delphic (which I lost when tried to put Tsunami) - 8649 br (LvL 64)
    - Apollo (Blue 1*) - 8682 BR (LvL 54)
    - Gaia (White 1*) - 4321 BR (LvL 54)

    On which one sylph I should focus????

    For first time i focused Iris but I lost delphic + she is weak against Gaia (99% of server)

    All my sylphs have basic skills...

    Thanks on any advice

    Edit: My skills in inventory

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    You need to work on what u need most.

    i started on iris (we didnt have gaia at that point)
    but went gaia the moment we had that option. Damage is the key issue.
    now i have evolved electro, dark and fire have a low water and a blue (drop) wind.
    and working on my light to evolve next.

    This way u can choose your sylph for the thing u need it for (most importand is the resist different sylphs give)

    BUT you cant do them all at the same time.

    my opinion for your case...
    1 gaia
    2 apollo
    3 fire / dark
    4 iris


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      I will give my own 'personal' opinion. If you don't have Hades or Apollo, I would work the Gaia (aka Eve) for crit (great for WB), and Amazon Queen (great for attack PvP). It however depends on what you run most. If you're more PvP (Battlegrounds, Arena), the above suggestions are great. However if you are more a PvE player (Dungeons), I'd throw an Iris in there also. Bare in mind that most people already have Iris, and a lot also have Rain Dance skill, so having the Attack sylphs would be more beneficial.

      To sum my PERSONAL opinion:

      Amazon Queen and/or Gaia (aka Eve)
      Retired Moderator.