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hey look! a whips event is active, and forums says nothing about it.

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  • hey look! a whips event is active, and forums says nothing about it.

    just another example of how forums is not as useful at announcing events as previously interpreted. not saying the g m's and mods are slacking... but simply that they shouldnt direct us towards a forums that lacks important information. as cryptic as they have to be... least they could do is announce the events before they occur, and possibly give detail about the ''fixes''..... even world of warcraft forums gave some type of detail to what changes they made .. ''some typographical errors'' isnt helping... considering this is in a free to discuss forum thread.. this has no reason to be deleted. *rant over*

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    The event is in a post. It is under the new events for December 2nd post.


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      As you can see here, in this post, indeed the whips event was promoted. Events will not always get their own direct promotional thread which can make it confusing for some players, but rest assured they did speak of its presence Thanks for being such a fast catch on the gun
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