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  • A bunch of little changes

    Small changes:

    -An icon and/or counter to indicate when you have reached the maximum experience from helping friends' farms
    -The Recharge Pack, World Boss, Alchemy, etc icons in a drop-down menu or as a single button which opens a larger menu
    -Prevent quests from being relabeled as "new" every time one logs off
    -Remember the checked box for "Synthesizable" in Synthesize tab of blacksmith
    -Removal of equipment that has reached its max level of enchantment from Enchant tab in blacksmith
    -Different colored text to distinguish items received, friendliness increases, friends doing work on your farm, and so on
    -The ability to see a person's farm lvl somewhere in their stats, as well as on your friends list while on your farm
    -A "don't show this message again" check box for messages like "Improve your battle rating by enchanting equipment"
    -Prevention of the "Your Tree of Ancients is ready to harvest" messages from appearing more than once every five to ten minutes
    -Removal/strikethrough of levies and duels from cooldown list once they have been used completely
    -Memory of how zoomed you are in your town
    -A new place for HP remaining and Technologies bonuses...we get it, they're there, but do we have to see them all the time?
    -An icon next to an individual's name to indicate if they are your friend, and if so what your friendliness level is
    -"Last active" time stamp for friends list/player info (from StevenDeschain)

    Larger small changes:

    -Click on your gold for a detailed breakdown of where the gold is coming from (how academy, refinery, town hall, mines factor)
    -Items are not sorted to separate bound and unbound items of the same type (hopefully it doesn't involve changing item IDs)
    -A more compact shop screen, with room for more items on a single page

    From Gyrannon
    -Restrict various announcements to System chat
    -One-time free skill reset for characters level 25+
    -Less invasive VIP solicitation
    -An undo (+ or -) function in the Academy, which would refund a small amount of Kyanite

    From R21763422
    -Harvest All/Plant All function
    -Compiled battle history (e.g arena, plunder, battleground)
    -A PM sound notification, which can be toggled under Settings
    -Arena Rewards timer
    -In-battle Turn order
    -Accurate XP values that apply bonuses when shown


    These are a lot of little changes, though implementing them may not be as easy as they seem. Still, I think that small changes like this will really improve user experience, and that fine-tuning existing mechanics will benefit the community as new content is released. If you have any other ideas, post them! A bunch of little changes can make a very big difference for the quality of gameplay. Questions, comments, criticism welcome, that's what the forum is for.

    EDIT 10/22 @ 11:50AM GMT-8: Added new suggestions with credits
    EDIT 10/22 @ 11:41PM GMT-8: Added a new suggestion with credits
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    This should be stickied so everyone can add their input of small changes that may or may not need to made.

    - Restrict Announcments to "System" in chat only, keep the other ones that has to do with WBs appearing, Group Arena & BG starting, when players come online, when certain players reach whatever level of the catacombs, an when someone has reached a certain streak & whatever. Just the announcements that tell us stuff that the game has already taught us through the tutorial should be moved & restricted only to the "System" tab in Chat.
    - Add in ONE TIME free skills reset for players that are level 25+, cause most players will want to change their skills around after 25 an not before since the higher up skills require you to be 25+. If they want to reset again, then they'll have to pay for it with balens.
    - For Academy - add in a plus & minus symbol for the various upgrades so if we screwed up with something like say a player using a Knight accidently upgrades MATK an wants to undo those skills, the minus would allow for a degrade an allow the player to spend whatever Kyanite he/she used on that upgrade to spend it elsewhere. Be alot better than getting tickets for "Academy screw ups, please help".
    - VIP Coins & VIP Status - add in a "Do not plan on getting VIP reactivated" so non cash players don't have to see the "activate VIP" box or the "Join VIP" in the quest log, added on top of this, if the player chooses this option, remove VIP coins from all future loot rewards (I'm a non cash player & I don't plan on getting VIP, but I keep getting VIP coins which I can only sell off for 1 gold per, to those that plan on getting VIP later on, this is good, but for players like me, this is annoying an severely hurts my loot reward when I win/lose in a arena battle - when I start getting income, THEN I'll get VIP activated, but right now that option is out of my reach).
    - Add in a trade system that allows friends to trade with each other through: MultiDungeons (either before or after game start) and PM.
    *If above is not gonna work, then.....*
    - (Trading system denied) Remove the Bound & Unbound tags from all forms of loot as the equipment will obviously stay with you or you'll sell them off for gold. This eliminates the pointless message box that say "This action will make the item BOUND, are you sure?" (An no it does not matter in blacksmith as I can recycle bound items, there are bound & unbound recycle crystals/gems both refining a different tagged piece of equipment)

    Thats my lil changes. The big changes will have to wait cause I have a guild that I need to attend to. AWESOME ideas J0zborn!
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      i can't think of anything cause i feel sleepy just reading this
      (its a joke hehehehehe)
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        One certain change needs to be made, Moderators, Game Masters, Developers actually read AND response to players may it be in tickets or Help Sub section.
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          Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
          One certain change needs to be made, Moderators, Game Masters, Developers actually read AND response to players may it be in tickets or Help Sub section.
          + 1 million to this comment
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            - A "Harvest All" or "Plant All" button for farming
            - Bonus Exp shown from total, example with 50% more exp and/or with VIP, you will see with 10000xp earned, rather than just 15000, but rather 15000(+5000)
            - Special Events INSIDE the game. Beside The Bonus, Daru Alchemy, Gold Alchemy, World Boss, Battle Icons. This will show what special events are on. Example, new servers will have the Solaris Will Bless Thee, and the various events listed once you click on the Icon (button).
            - Able to review battles fought against you
            - sound notification when someone PM you. Could be turn OFF under settings. Note: This is already done with the ingame Mail option; just not on the PM option yet

            *****MOST IMPORTANT*****
            - Include timer for Collection of Arena Rewards
            - Include timer for attack cooldowns? Like when it is going to be your turn to attack, or to receive command, and to execute that command, etc

            +1 to the idea regarding the bound/unbound issues
            +1 to the Repeated messages regarding Ancient Tree harvest notification, enchant better gear notice, etc

            Other changes I would like implemented are not 'little', so I wouldnt put them here.

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              I have added the ideas posted, I like a lot of them. Some of the changes are a bit larger, so while I have included links to individual posts, I have only included what I feel can really be implemented relatively easily (though I don't know for sure). Keep em coming, a giant list of tiny things to do is easier to accomplish than a tiny list of giant things to do!

              I think that the presence of bound and unbound items indicates that they will, at a future date, release a system of trading, which is a very large change to make. I have chosen not to include it on the list.
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                I would like to see, a last active time stamp on a players information or on friends list.
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                  ^^^^ Agree to that one^^^^^^And all the others posted in the thread