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Socketing rods, Trade system and New servers.

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    Originally posted by TheAngelito View Post
    They forget 1 fact, the prices they currently have, are not affordable for every zone. Asians are not as wealthy as the americans, and prices should vary from a country to another. There's no use in opening servers all over the world if you do not take into account the wealth of the zone where you wan to open a server.
    Agreed. ^

    Also.. see this thread for further information regarding what was just said...
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      when epic/legendary equipment arives gear can use 4 sockets each gear (except weapon) so 23 extra sockets.

      if there was 1 free socket a month it would take just under 2 years to socket all 8 pieces of 1 set of gear for free, for a free user, that's not asking to much to give to your loyal free players. but yes up to 7Road in the end.

      And servers here are different in that they are more expensive then the asian servers and less generous here, also cashers here pay more so why not 1 free rod per month, those asian servers have it easier compared to us here.

      I posted a idea for a vip auction house, unpopular maybe but allows vip players to trade with each other with limits on what can be and how much can be traded per day, week or month (possibly) depending on a players vip level.

      so some items could be traded but not frequently or players could buy/sell 1 item type per month to reduce the number of items traded around, then again maybe just dont need it at all.


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        Yea I get that 7 Road isn't interested in doing that but frankly that's a dumb business model. As I said in another post, why play a game that you can't get access to material that others do? I'm all for buying stuff in game but some players just don't have the money to do it and this mentality hurts them. 1 socketing rod a month will not kill 7 Road's profit. I've played other MMO's where cash items could be earned by non-cash players and the companies still made money from them. Why? Because the servers stayed competitive. I'm not knocking R2 here but 7 Road is going to kill this game simply because the competition will leave. If I have 0 chance of being the top player (after all skill can only go so far) and I have no chance of buying socketing rods, why play the game? I'll just go and play another game where I have a chance to compete (not saying this is what I will do, just saying other players will may do it).

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          Mentioned this many times in other posts.
          The reason for the unbalance of this game is do to the Cashiers having access to Crypt keys and Sockets.That being said I support the idea 100%!....7 road is entirely to greedy if they see this as being a Bad Idea.Cashier don't make the Game,it's players of the Game that make the Game.They could have 1000 servers for all I care.With out the Loyal Players it's just Frozen in time animation,plan an simple.


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            Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
            The reason we're not allowed to add in some method to allow non-cashers to get socketing rods for free is because 7Road isn't interested in having their players get it for free. If they allow us to do it, then their players would find out and demand the same. 7Road has no interest in making this change.
            im actually fine if u guys at least implemented 2-3 socket rod for 26days login reward ... and fine with me too if u guys didnt ... but hoping more to at least get some of them for free ... the reason is thats why ppl use cash in game ... to be a lil better than others ... so stop blame them 100% and give them ur money for socket rod , lol (even tho its too much to spend)
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              After everything I seen , read etc ... I can`t belive that r2 staff is convincing 7road staff to make trading system and give atleast 1-2 roades for free once monthly.
              r2 is for sure same as 7road ... push game as far it goes .. fast collect money and then abandon it .. same as 7road done in china.
              More then 200 empty servers .


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                Well sir stormaggedon may i ask what may the issue is with the market ?
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                  Servers are slowly dying ... on advertising you say there are 50 milion ppl playing ... cmon ... 50 servers with most 300 active , up to 500-600 semi active players.
                  That is top and people are quiting .
                  R2 is pulling us by nose same as 7road ...
                  Start to work ... not just trying to get fast money and dessapier.
                  Give us Trade system, Less servers ... less lagg on those servers . Give us chance to earn rodes and crypt keince ys in game.
                  Give us more playable game, not some **** that will soon die.


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                    I would also have to agree. I have stated prior that the game does not favor lower players, or non cash players. there should be stuff implemented in to help everyone. its like any retail. word of mouth. you get a good word from a non cash player and they may just bring a friend or 2 that will spend cash. everyone wins.

                    Trade. obviously you have considered this option, as you have many items that are "unbound". why would you have those if you were not considering this option. now put it into action.

                    and I am on termini cliff. I was happy to see you have so many active at WB. we were in the high numbers to start. you say you are lucky to see 250? we are lucky to break 100 due to the lack of lower/non cash peoples ability to keep up let alone be on top.


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                      well main problem is there is no market so non-cashers cant save for sockets like in the asian servers. on other hand this is a cash shop game so if you not prepared to spend atleast 20-30 dollars per month in it you will never really be a top 3 player.


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                        When u start the game they give u 4 socketing rods, which is ok and pretty fair to get u started and to not be too weak but also not too strong comparing with a casher full socketed gear(and prolly high lvl gems). Most of the ppls will save those 4 sockets for the 35 arena gear, and as we all know very well its still hard enought to try fight the cashers, which is also understandable till some point. That point is getting close when u reach 45 and your arena set will have no more sockets, and you will do even worse than before without those 4 sockets they gave u free (to make you not see too fast how bad its the game if you dont pay and hoping u'll pay later) and used in 35arena gear. So from 45, its pretty much obvious that if you dont pay for sockets you gonna sux more than before vs cashers because you wont have any socket rods to add in it. At this point.. it becomes pointless to keep playing no matter how active you are. So where is that phrase that R2 is "yelling" around proud that says free players can still compete but "just" takes longer. Obviously is not like that, at 45 with not sockets, if you play just to enjoy and lose ur time is ok, but if u trying to achieve something.. find other game.. or pay. It not about being top 3.. its just about being able to not waste ur time in this game.


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                          i got the feeling (no offense here) that alot of ppl are not really understanding the difference between a publisher and a producer. The point is this:
                          a publisher is only allowed to use and publish the product of said producer. and thats where the problem starts. r2games is only a publisher, thus said .. NOT allowed to change anything regarding game code. its the same with kinda every free2play micro transaction game we got in us/eu regions atm. its all just some licenses for european or american market, and thats it. its not customer friendly, nor is it a smart way of running a game server (when thwe actual server software aint even belonging to u in first place). But the question really is this : will our qq in forums really change things? easy answer : NO (