1. please put option on critical vibration. My 'noob' computer cant withstand it (yeah, so noob, i can even play dota2 with it xD), or my net connection fault, but i still need the vibration option on setting. even after use will destroyer, it still vibrate (myb not cause of cri but cause of huge dmg increase from usual value)

2. new wb ranking system. make ranking based on lvl. for example, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 ranking. it can reduce the need to open new server every week and encourage more ppl play old server. the only reason ppl jump server because they cant get huge gold like others do. of course high lvl got higher gold. 1st place=600k gold, daru too much lol. with this every 10 lvl has their own ranking based on dmg. fair n square.