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cata ranking

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  • cata ranking

    why is my cata rank keep dropping i was 2nd knight on server to get to level 80 boss and 1rst noncasher knight without full socket gems to get to lvl 80 now all these other knight get to lvl 80 boss after me and they have full gems and it rank them higher then me in it.also i get lvl 80 boss to last bar under half of it when it kill me so why are they rank higher then me now?but i guess it wont matter cause im going to beat lvl 80 boss today and be 2nd knight to get to 85 boss but i guess when these fully gemmed knights finally beat it the will rank higher then me again
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    the entire ranking systems are flawed, crypt, honor, level, strength, etc.. why bother worrying about a broken system?
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      woot level 80 boss dead and 85 down to last bar not to shabby for noncash lvl 51 knight if i do say so myself
      Arguing on the internet is like running Something... Even if you win, you're still Loved


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        yes raking is weird...if you beat it first you are #1, if someone else come around and beat it second they become the NEW #1, if 10 guys after you beat it , then you becomes #11. no idea how it works..but that's how it's been far..
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