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Catacomb idea..

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  • Catacomb idea..

    Hi there, im suggesting if its possible to add more free attempt in catacomb at least 2/2 and Equipment Attempt 3/3 or if its possible,infinite attempt,hehe! So,many player will donate for crypt key and for us to grind exp fast and hunt more crypt tokens to buy equipments. In other hand,as a consideration, change the price of crypt key from 75 - to atleast 90 or 100 balens.. hehe! Im just suggesting here, those who hate donator, dont get mad at me.. =) any one can suggest or give his idea in this thead section.. I am not a donator nor a top palyer, but i can buy at least 5 crypt key in a week.. hehe! im just helping Wartune to atleast gain more income.. hehe! Lets just accept the fact that donator/casher always on top.. Even you make it balance.. =) Thanks! more power Wartune!