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Cooperative Farming - Better to NOT harvest your own crop?

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  • Cooperative Farming - Better to NOT harvest your own crop?

    I noticed that when I Revive someone's crop, it is ready to harvest.
    I haven't experimented or tried to steal someone's crop (i.e. harvest without hand hand symbol hovering over the crop), but suppose...

    A steals B's crop, B steals C's crop, C steals A's crop.
    C revives B's crop, B revives A's crop, A revives C's crop. Everyone gets +1 farm XP and friendliness each time they revive a plot of land.

    Does it work?
    Should I be actually NOT harvest my own crop and just cooperatively let everyone steal and revive? Is that what people are doing out there?

  • xVinylScratchx
    No, they can revive it, its nice. But when you have 200+ people you will always cap out the exp / not be able to gain any more than your level.

    Harvest it / steal it whenever you can.

    And if people complain about stealing crops.

    You lose about 40% of each crop. Gain about 10% of each crop you steal.

    in the end you lose nothing but gain a lot more of whatever you are stealing and so will the other person.

    It evens out in the end, but many people don't realize that.

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