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how is sylph br calculated?

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    Originally posted by Cymidei View Post
    Correct all my sepulcrums went into Physical attack on my Hades; however I need 1,100 more or so before my sylph is maxed out. A better comparison may be argot's JOSH and Sensei's Okinawa (both orange and completely maxed out hercs). argot's sylph's BR is higher, why is that? Sensei asked me about that the other day. Does it come down to a point or two in armor? If there is no difference whatsoever in starting stats for sylphs...or RNG in there somewhere that pumps up one's points vs. anothers, that would have to be the answer.
    An all INT Herc maxed orange is 87788 BR, so both of them allocated stats weirdly if max enchant with seps, so yeah one has a few points here an there different to the other guy.