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ask for server merger

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  • fandys_s430
    started a topic ask for server merger

    ask for server merger

    hi,can i ask for merger server???
    my server going died,cos just a little players online n hard for get any party,n sylph atol boss laast hit reward never show up anymore,my server is s430,already got merger with s402,s405,s408,s430 n s433.we need server mergr again or server will die.ty

  • GM_Magik
    Right now, the only method we have for people to ask for server mergers is to post on one of the three topics on this forum section here. They are at the top of the forum for East Coast, West Coast, and European. I wish I had something better to give to you, or an easier method, but really.. for now, this is the only way we have to try to get a server notice.. and I really hope it can be of help to you and yours.

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