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QTE triger skill

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  • QTE triger skill

    i'm a knight...i wanna ask..why i cant see QTE when i trigered skill that using qte to increase the effect?

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    It might glitched ...
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      Lag is another reason, if your session is laggy enough the QTE part doesn't show up until it's already run out of time, therefore doesn't show up at all.


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        I just refresh my browser every couple of hours to reduce the lag of the game. If that doesn't help you, I know there are some really good guides out there on how to reduce lag...sadly I don't have the links.


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          If you could please post a screenshot of you using the skill, and one of your skill tree that would be helpful.

          Also I have a guide on how to reduce some lag on the game, it is in my signature.


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            solved... its because my connection..thx anyway for the response