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Which class is the best?

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    best class depends on your playstyle

    archers have a bit of advantage in solo things early game, later on knights take that priviledge imo.
    mages are great in pvp and awesome in killing mobs in mp, but as a mage i usually have the bummer to help some lowbies in mp and still have to heal and not dmg like hell:P

    dont get scared of what class to pick, as the class have not a real purpose anymore. its now based on sylphs anyway. focusing on class will only increase hatred against other classes:P
    get yourself a good sylph and you;re halfway done.

    future patches contain children and my common sense says that will be op.

    but if you cant decide what class to take maybe this can help:
    if you like routine: archers, well atleast it used to be inc, df, scat etc.
    if you like to adapt to situations: mages, sometimes you have to get ready to heal quick
    if you like knights: take knights, idk ive played knights and i couldnt really enjoy it


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      archer's skill set has more utility in team pve than knights, this in a sense helps them gain more pve rewards which will help them build a bit more br also this passive

      Click image for larger version

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      archer will beat knight in damage
      having lag? in-game problems? JUST BUY MORE BALENS


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        What is best for the FREE player? (ignoring the fact that the TRULY best thing is to play some other game that does not render you less adequate for not purchasing results).

        Then look at what each class gets FOR FREE.

        Archer get ...
        Critical damage boosts - increases "damage per second," which is most valuable against opponents that give you a time limit. For example: Sky Trail, Necropolis, Dragon Invasion and Spire are based on bosses that eventually get a x1000% damage buff, thus a time limit. These timed battles represent the sources of free mount hoofs, dragon essences, sylph upgrading items, and higher level scrolls (needing 3 free crypt keys per Necro run).
        Status effects - primarily slow enemies, remove positive enemy buffs, and reduce enemy attack power. Slow is another benefit in some of the timed battles such as necropolis, as well as one-on-one against players. Removing enemy debuffs makes archers necessary in many MPD dungeons on the path to lvl 80, against many wilds bosses, and many group player-vs-player situations (ToK, arena, guild battles). Reduce enemy attack power is a very situational benefit, but is predictably useful in some group-bosses (wilds bosses, Dragon Invasion).
        NEGATIVES - no free defense boost, fewest free benefits

        Knights get ...
        Hit points and defense boosts - very valuable in almost all group boss fights where players do not overpower bosses. Knights can take lots more damage, and then receive extra HP from mage heals. In dragon invasion, the number of dragons beaten is commonly a reflection of the HP and defense of the front row, meaning two strong knights up front can render healing unnecessary. The better the knights, the more the group can focus on damage.
        More rage - Knights have the best passive rage boost (+10 each action), and can take up to 50 points rage from other players.
        Two strong delphics - both knight delphics are strong one-target attacks, where archers have one and mages have **** rarely seen in battle.
        Shields - knights can basically add 20% more hit points to their already-high hit point total, and reduce all damage to their group (30% ?).
        NEGATIVES - free knights spend LOTS more gold on hit point packs than other classes. Dependent on other classes for debuffing self and enemies. Long cooldown on the only group attack.

        Mages get -
        A different type of attack/defense stat - physical defense does not reduce magical attacks, so defending against mage attacks requires a separate stat-build. This would have made more sense if mages had a physical defense boost with the magic defense boost, but no. As a result, mages end up with a deficient defense against two classes (knights and archers), where knights and archers are only deficient against one (mages). Regardless, many players do not build their defenses against magic attacks.
        Heals - any prolonged battle (most notably Spire), mages become valuable for the ability to replenish slowly depleted hit points. All player-vs-player battles have timers that increase strength of attacks over time, so heals gradually lose their difference-making ability against other players. In player-vs-game battles, if the mage can survive, the group can win. Also, heals make a big difference when hit points are not auto-replenished (battlegrounds).
        Group attacks - with level 2 clothes, mages can group-attack most rounds. This can be good in ToK, arena and guild battles.
        Thunderer - With full rage, mages can also use their strong attack most rounds. Thinderer is the weakest "strong attack" of any class (295% maxed), but is 50 rage with a 2 second cooldown.
        Purify - ability to remove negative buffs from self and group. Some MPD dungeons need purify to beat final bosses, some wilds bosses need purify, and purify can be useful in arena.
        NEGATIVES - mages famously have the most negatives - weakest attack skills, slowest rage builds, lowest physical defense, lowest hit points, the most group/others-focused skill set. Also, purify has a 30 second cooldown, so developers stay away from negative player buffs as a mage-friendly element (most famously, the dinosaur in Spire needs 2 mages to purify as often as the dino casts mega-bleed).
        In short, the mage is the best class for major cashing - combining the most benefits with the most room for improvement.
        Class: Thief (Why play a game if you cannot steal cool things from monsters)
        Special Abilities: Clairvoyance (prevents Stun effect)
        Special Armor: Mirage Vest (Dodges 50% of attacks)
        Special Accessories: Ring of Order (prevents Chaos effect), Thief's Glove (increase steal rate)


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          another of these threads, well here goes:
          1. Archers are good overall and do well in wb and all dungeons. they sux against knights for pvp
          2. Mages rule in beginning, but really sux later on unless you balen them up (maybe with new troop they'll be strong again), the need troops for shield
          3. Knights sux for a long time until you get to lvl 70+. they do better in advanced 80 class because of high hp and take more damage from sylphs - overall best later on ..but there aren't as many since as i mentioned before ..they really do sux at beginning


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            The best class is the one you enjoyed playing, period.
            I'm not going to spit out skills and stats, those are irrelevant for enjoying your toon.
            You don't have to put up certain stats just because they told you what each class does.
            Build the way you like it, I'm a crit block mage and still damage same as my peer archers,
            and tanks the same as my peer knights. Classes are irrelevant if you know what you're doing.
            Temple of Ibalize


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              lol ... man ... just choose based on which male / female toon that your eyes are most easy upon. Forget about advantages / disadvantages / kill / be killed etc .. whichever class you choose there's no guarantee it will do well everywhere. I've only played archer myself, and the most hated class to fight is against is knights. Arrows kinda bounced off them like tooth-picks .. u know what i mean..

              So to make it a bit easier, and less stressful ...
              - Female archers - wooohooo sexy like hell toon, nice legs nice lingeries nice chest
              - Female knights - woohoooo sexy like hell toon also, nice legs
              - Female mages - wohooo sexy like hell toon ... nice lingeries

              Male toon - ugh ... whichever is also the same, unless you like the hands of the hip thing, choose archers.
              Male Knight looks a bit chubby.
              Male Mages ... looks a bit nerdy.

              Have fun !


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                to brutal hobo: if i have 50K atk, lvl 8 much dmg i will do with my arrow shot to wb if it crits? ( ignore the floating dmg and add add all archer passive skills to max)


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                  do mage.. everywhere needs mage
                  “Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting.”


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                    Originally posted by haquebd View Post
                    to brutal hobo: if i have 50K atk, lvl 8 much dmg i will do with my arrow shot to wb if it crits? ( ignore the floating dmg and add add all archer passive skills to max)

                    if battle prowess is at 5 stacks and the advanced crit damage skill is maxed
                    you should be hitting around 65k
                    i didnt do any official math, but it should be around there
                    IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
                    Class: Archer
                    Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

                    Guild: Black Lotus
                    Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
                    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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                      The best class depends entirely on your playstyle and what you enjoy. This is a pay to win game, so $ will make any of the classes OP and sylphs play a big role in the game, especially as you level up. Sylphs have blurred the lines between classes; they opened lots of possibilities for variation in build. Of course, the cookie cutter builds that give you the most rewards are crit + Eve (elecro sylph).

                      From what I've seen, non cash vs non cash, knights that are built well are the most OP class in PvP. Archers get solo event rewards more easily. Mages seem to me to be the hardest class to play non cash. Lower HP and lower Pdef by nature, mages also have the fewest good single target dps attacks. Mages have heals, but those heals do 0 damage to the opponent (a big disadvantage in solo events with a timer like sky trail, necro, and spire since every turn not used attacking is a turn closer to 1 shot kill). Mage aoes, while OP in arena and bg, are terrible for dps in world boss and in events where if you don't kill the boss fast enough, you get 1 shot killed.
                      Mages also are the most victimized class when it comes to chaos rune. I say this because heal is the signature survivability advantage of mages. Agoran shield can't be stolen; every mage heal can be. Archer's bloodthirsty can't be stolen either; they may attack their own team, but they still get their heal. Chaos takes away mage's main way to survive while leaving the other class' advantages intact.
                      In short, non cash mages are great support characters but won't do well in the solo events for personal rewards.


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                        Ive had all 3 classes and took all three to lvl 70-72. First one I stopped playing was the knight mainly due to the server being full of A holes, they are a great support class though and really handy to have in a team and I did like the damage soaking of knight. 2nd one I stopped playing was mage, again server full of A holes, great support class and abit more snappy than the knight in respect to casting speed..I did kind of enjoy mage. I stuck with the archer ..server is full of awesome players, and Im solely focusing on that class now...having a great time with it too...

                        Best class is the one you enjoy playing the most. If you want a strong class...any class can be strong depends on how much you put into it.


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                          I started on s552 with a knight and I enjoy taking my time, because if you wanna be ''the best" you have to work with what you like in order to become strong.Also this is specially a message for non-cashers


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                            This game is 45% $$$, 45% luck and 10% skill. That said, there really is no best class. Just try each class up to level 30 or so and play what you enjoy playing the most to level 80.


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                              I enjoy archer the most, and find that for most parties in mpd, if there is not an archer present, then more healing tends to be required (Scatter or Incendiary Shot not reducing damage or removing buffs). Most sylphs have a self-heal skill and runes can make up for a class not being present. I currently see this as the major difference between the classes : Archers passive damage buff, Mage Suntoria for healing over time, and Knights rage steal or Apollo Shield.
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