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few suggesrtions

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  • few suggesrtions

    k its a interesting enough game. but your vip service is severely lacking in content. why not just give us all the vip benefits rather than having to build up lvl bye lvl im sure you would get alot more repeat monthly business if done this way, and do away wit all the lvl one ** seeds we can get in the reg shop wit gold in the wheel. we are paying for this service make it worth our while wit a better chance to get a good helpful prize. id also like to address the the possibility of giving items in inventory to others in our guilds. in this way us guild masters can help our lower players. i dont know how many times ive had something another guild member could use. so maybe a trade area in the guild where we can post stuff for other members to either buy wit the funds going to the guild or trade for another item we need that another class may get and dont need. you should also offer a recurring service to sign up for that will be a set price monthly for the game. if someone signs up at 7.99 per month they should be able to keep getting said service for the same price as long as they monthly service agreement does not lapse if it does they would have to pay the new price . honestly i do not think this game is worth 9.99 a month yet wit the lack of vip services and extras atm . 7.99 is kinda ok as it compares to other games ive played that have alot more to them for 7.99 than this but its not a total waste if you manage to get up to the 9th lvl of vip and actually get good spins on the wheel. ty =) that will be all