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List of Abandoned Accounts?

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  • List of Abandoned Accounts?

    Is there a list of abandoned accounts somewhere?
    For example, I have been playing a healer mage for a while now as my very first character, and now I want to start fresh and try different things as I level up.
    I figure if I'm going to abandon the account, maybe I can tell everyone so they can raid my city, farm, etc... to fulfill quest objectives and what not. I mean, why not? No one's going to be there to be upset, and as far as I know, it is not possible to simply delete or reset an account.
    WarTune [S40] The Badlands - "Medic"

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    ya man just let 1 good buddy know so he can plunder you every few days and make some gold since your townhall will make gold forever and ever what server you on
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      I was at [S34] Soul Stade, account name "Raelag" (you know, from Heroes of Might and Magic V...).
      I have XP plants in my farm. If you want to be added to my friend list, e-mail me from here since I'm probably not going to check that account anymore.
      WarTune [S40] The Badlands - "Medic"