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Wartunes scamming bank account

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  • Wartunes scamming bank account

    Be careful using your debit cards here. I have for the last 6 months been being double billed. I have seen this and so I started a investigation with some group and now wartunes will be responsible for this. I am doing a affidavit of forgery against wartunes and the 2 employees who run this total ** game. So 6 months I can buy a car with the money ill be getting back from these 2 guys who can't get a date other then the ones they pay for. I know see why alot of companys call them not legit and wont let them be used. Wartunes and its 2 employees can KISS MY *** U THIEFS...

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    you should make a thread about it


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      Most people who use any form of payment here have no issues at all, so people don't need to be any more careful than they should be for any online transaction.

      If you actually were double charged here, then it's a very simple process to get it resolved- grab a screenshot of the entries on your bank statement showing you got double charged, then compare it to your Order History, find the transaction numbers for those entries, and pop it all in a ticket. If there was an error, it'll be corrected. This process is a whole lot easier than filing an affidavit of forgery, which requires all of that information, and usually results in contacting the merchant anyway, along with notarizing the documents, and many banks have a limit of how much time can pass to still file a claim of fraud or forgery.

      You do mention "2 employees", and since we all know there's more than 2 employees who work at R2, I'm wondering if you're complaining about another site. If that's the case, then it would probably be better to complain there.

      Anyway, if this is a legitimate issue you are having with R2, pm me with your ticket number, and I'll personally see it gets followed up on.
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