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what is this new "General BR"

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  • what is this new "General BR"

    in the rankings tab is general br
    anyone have a clue what it is?

    Click image for larger version

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    first of all only 1 player is listed in it on our server (2nd)
    the rest is full of inactives
    (the $ accounts are people that started playing, and didnt finish tutorial, if they opened old server they cant change their name but can play normally)

    2nd the br listed at the bottom is NOT my br even with my strongest sylph on, my br is around 250k
    anyone have an idea what this is?
    IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
    Class: Archer
    Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

    Guild: Black Lotus
    Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
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    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente

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    General BR is your br + your sylph team br

    Edit : it was ***k'd up for us first day too in test server, but it fixed itself the next few days...
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      I did some math just now, and I believe I have figured it out. That is your battle rating, combined with the pets in your sylph arena team. So take your battle rating with no sylph, add on the three in your sylph arena team and that should give you the number for the general battle rating tab.. mind you, if you did adjustments while or after it was tabulated you may have a slight discrepancy.
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        The only thing I noticed is that my BR without sylph is moreless the same as it used to be before the patch.
        If I equip my 71k BR sylph, I gain 71k BR. If I equip my 24k sylph, I gain 24k BR.
        It's completely misleading now, since me and my friend have similar stats and had similar BR before the patch.
        Now, my BR is 20k higher than his although we both have the same survivability and he has slightly higher damage.
        The difference is - I am using 71k BR Gaia / Aegis (Hades' upgrade) - he is using ~50k Hercules.


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          The 'General BR' is totally useless at the moment, I guess it's in place for the dim and distant future when sylphs replace troops, but as we haven't even got the lv 70 troops yet, I'm not sure why they added it

          As far as the change to 'normal BR' is concerned, I'm suspecting that people complained that not being able to see sylph details on other players profiles in PvP situations meant that you could never be sure how strong an opponent would be... and this is their solution. The problem is that it is wildly inaccurate and mis-representative of actual power and so doesn't help in the slightest

          As a side point, if they were going to faff around with the BR calculation why not take the opportunity to remove the unusable attack type (PATK counting towards mage's BR and MATK to archer's and knight's BR) from the calculation? It's always been odd that it is included so just take it out.
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          They can never hope to understand the source of our power...
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