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Attention: Adobe has blocked flash content from playing beginning January 12th. Please update to new client version 1.1.2.
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Less lag in WB

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  • GiveMeYourRoses
    started a topic Less lag in WB

    Less lag in WB

    R2 why u not put an option "Hide Players" in wb like in Atoll we will have less lag more fun in wb

  • Makenshisensei
    Not sure it's the only trouble, before maintenance i don't get that much trouble with wb
    But today even after the death timer i wasn't close to the boss (need around 30-35sec just to make the road till your respawn and the boss
    Same the fight was totaly bugged, seen only 2 boss animation, was able to attack 3-6 time (totaly random) then the boss kill me not even doing his last attack animation Oo
    (No it's not my comp and not my connection, i'm 100% sure ^^)

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