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  • Sylph Arena Weekly Rewards

    So if anyone from the "test servers" can please tell us what day they got weekly sylph arena rewards that be great. Was it Saturday like Hero Arena or was it the regular Monday 00:00 reset time?

    Thanks in advance.
    Server: S411
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    hero arena isnt weekly its every 3 days
    it will be on monday, and it tells you rewards on the side
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    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      wartune is becoming boring no new campaignes to do only if your a casher you only could do well.i was lucky to get a hades sylph but i spend less and less time playing here.


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        The weekly reward are pretty much at the same time than sylph arena at pre-patch... So it's in the night between Sunday and Monday.
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          Thanks Doranos.

          I should have specified when I said hero, I meant the league arena rewards that come out weekly.
          Server: S411
          Character: Strikereye
          Class: Mage