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Probably the next Special Tailor event starts lvl.5. Seriously?

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  • Probably the next Special Tailor event starts lvl.5. Seriously?

    Holy Set - Special Tailor
    Dates: 12.19 - 12.21

    Synthesize your clothing and wings to the following levels and be rewarded. Each reward can only be redeemed once during the event.

    Lvl. 5 Clothing: 800000 Gold,200000 Daru,Fashion Core x4,Good Luck Charm x2,Holy Set Chest x5
    Lvl. 6 Clothing:1600000 Gold,500000 Daru,Fashion Core x8,Good Luck Charm x4,Holy Set Chest x10
    Lvl. 7 Clothing: 3000000 Gold,1000000 Daru,Fashion Core x20,Good Luck Charm x10,Holy Set Chest x25
    Lvl. 8 Clothing: 6000000 Gold,2000000 Daru,Fashion Core x40,Good Luck Charm x20,Holy Set Chest x50

    Lvl. 5 Wings: 4200000 Gold,Kyanite x50000,Fashion Core x5,Vogue Chest x2,Good Luck Charm x5,Holy Set Chest x10
    Lvl. 6 Wings: 8000000 Gold,Kyanite x100000,Fashion Core x10,Vogue Chest x3,Good Luck Charm x10,Holy Set Chest x20
    Lvl. 7 Wings: 16000000 Gold,Kyanite x200000,Fashion Core x20,Vogue Chest x5,Good Luck Charm x25,Holy Set Chest x45
    Lvl. 8 Wings: 32000000 Gold,Kyanite x400000,Fashion Core x40,Vogue Chest x8,Good Luck Charm x50,Holy Set Chest x100
    Server:[S901] NASA / Class: Chicken / Guild: Barn / Lvl.82 / Br: Almost Infinity / Title: Cupcake Warrior / Sylph: 7-star black Volvo

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    Wow they really going out of their way to alienate new players if they keep up this current pace. I hope this isnt the actual event. If it is then they might as well just come straight out and stop mmaking new servers.