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AB vs WB

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  • AB vs WB

    i've calced how many gold give AB. every 30 points give 1 gold . and respect wb we are in a party of 4. so in wb we should gain 30:4 poits for a gold but seems not is really so...

    anyone have a database on WB? i can't calc points : gold because to end we see only the gold gained.

    i would say your opinions on this "challenge".

    for me wartune should do so :

    points : gold wb = (gold :ab ) x4

    often i talk with players and they continue to not do ab . and also strong players and heavy cashers. 2/4 ab we not gain bb , 1/4 not exist a real challenge , 1/4 ab with hp decreased too respect the previous and all come in evening. result: ab in about 10m or less. i not have problem do AB fast , but not me like that i call players and no one want play with me in evening cuz all are in a party and in anothers times i can find players also with the eyes closed (strange. should be the opposite).

    and not me like see that i do 3-4h of AB while in evening they play only for least i gain a lost of gold so but unluckly the stoves are limited in % for me wartune should change this rule in points. like the gold. every x points we gain x stoves. what change? if AB have same hp nothing. but if AB have more hp with points we gain more stoves and players for gain more stoves will play also in morning. i stay talking of who could do ab but is lazy. in morning till 7 am we could be at least 10 teams and ab could be also faster. why i propose this?

    is exactly like WB. if we kill too slowly wb lose hp (usually 50% in less. but seems that sometimes lose about 1/3). so happens also in ab:

    morning 99M , afternoon 56M , evening 36M ( i not remember the right numbers) but are about so. hp's AB decrease always till in evening and in moning grow a lot. so, we can't play with a hp more high of 99m (or was 990m? ) because his hp continue to go down. this not happen in wb (ecept in maintenance)
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    it depends what r2 wants to achieve with ab. should it be similar like wb? add higher gold ratio and or add daru.
    should it give special items? give it a higher droprate even for weaker teams, add extra stuff to exchange it.
    now its kinda in between and makes it useless.

    i barely do ab unless guildies need me. Why? gold ratio is low, nor do i need that gold wb and di give more and im getting satisfied with gold (since most stuff i can do is astrals anyway.
    the stoves are ok, but i dont have hammers. i get hammers and stoves from jewel hunt, which give the ratio which needed to forge eq. meaning i have extra ovens which i cant use, unless next cs gb comes.
    the crystalloids are just plain useless once you get the mount. imo ab is too hard for lower players, so they get lower crystalloids. once they have enough crystalloids for mount, there is a high chance they are far with maxing out soul engraving. the gold is little too and not really needed to exchange it for.

    in short, the question shouldnt be if ab is same like wb, the question is what is the purpose of ab and how can rewards be given to fullfill that purpose? ab is too strong for low players who need sc (beside the mount), and strong players dont need the sc or gold