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How R2 makes discounts ?

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    Originally posted by Hawklaser View Post
    Oh, to make this even funnier.... I saw in my intermediate Light Dungeon, the mire rune offered for like 180 balens.... I'll see if I can track it down again to post a picture.

    Edit: Found it was only 160, and rune in the first post is actually Amnesia.

    Well, i think mire rune is the only thing that worth to buy, the only thing i can feel a real discount cuz is very rare to find in shop and need a lot of refreshing.

    All others discounts are full of lies, but if you can do math you wont fall in that cupcake and if you did, there is always a way to complain or report the issue to autorithy, idk what can be done about or what autorithy can take care of that, but for shure making noise about a false advertisement game would help a bit, but sound dumb complainig about something you keep using and that talking from the ToS is not even yours. If someone knows about international law about internet and online games can please contanct an outer furom admint to start recopilating data from other players that had fallen in this tramps and start a campaing. Doing things here is just show off and wont change nothing cuz seems devs simply dont care and all full rested on their lawyer army that can face any issue or make it rest till the game closes in 3-4 years lr players get bored of following the case.
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