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sylph arena ?

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  • sylph arena ?

    Someone needs to explain this unreal **. So I do arena and I get to 20th with 3 turns left. Now next fight I get 90 points since there not far ahead. Now please explain spartana has 2044 points for 10 attempts how is this even remotely possible. Either fix the ** game or explain how this guy gets so much. Also he didn't save cuz I tryd that on 1 char it don't roll over. Even if he got 235 which isn't even possible 235x10 = 2350 points so huh

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    One possible way - start at reset with several alts, then leapfrog up by using up the alts' attempts, racking up the points, so each time you attack an alt you get hundreds of points.
    Not especially likely, given you need to move really fast and have VIP on alts you don't care about. But as long as you can refresh a high point value target, it is possible.
    Or, there's always a sweet spot, where enough refreshes will give you the early arena leaders, but before the bulk of players have moved up to fill out the ranks so much you can't find anyone far enough ahead.


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      still makes me not buy it how out of 10 attempts 2044 just really aint possible. cuz even if u reset ur gonna jump up rank fast and then u will just be in top 10 and not get **** for rewards. So I find it odd.


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        its not odd....wait for several people to pass you, own em each for 250 points...wait some more...pwn some more... theoretical max is 2500 points a day, but when it resets and you go from 'UNRANKED' to an actual number i dont see how you'd get max points each with it guys..its no hack or cheat...just simple strategy that MANY people figured out rather quickly...


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          The maximum number of points in iron group is 190, max in silver is 220, max in gold is 235 - don't know about Diamond yet as haven't been there. As explained in another thread, the people getting ahead at the moment are people who bought extra attempts before the patch, which did not reset at the patch maintenance, or the weekly rewards. Some people bought 100+ attempts and have 50+ attempts still to use lol. Although I personally think that this particular glitch/manipulation sucks, don't worry - these extra attempts will soon run out
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