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  • Thanks Admin

    Just got into Sylph atoll boss and then we get a "shut down" message saying we have 20 minutes to get boss dead .... pretty damn hard to do when only 2 teams are fighting it. Thanks for helping me WASTE 20 minutes.

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    maintenance was given hours in advance so you really cant blame them :P I have one that should appear in 30 mins but maintenance is going on
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      We can blame them cause AB is a damn bad event
      Impossible to time, happend sometime during GB, WB or other event, as you don't know the time sometime you start playing with your team doing DI/TOK or other stuff then it's pop from nowhere ...

      Give better award in AB, make it only Twice per day a fix time and don't give award only for the first team and the last hit, it's useless for all ther other and the last hit chest is more and more rare, cause less and less ppl waste their time here, i've stop doing it till Hof (before need Soul seal to upgrade br) now i don't care !!!

      So AB is really a mistake and should be removed or improved
      (and it's not the fault of the admin if you waste your time on such a bad event like this)
      Noob Archer, Low Br, Can't complete anything, Useless ..... but still here on S181