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    Thinking about all the bugs, tricks and betrayal so far...why no one ever complains about vip coins? xD
    i mean look at all the nice rewards there, big Cupcake gems and stuff...but all we get is 500k gold~

    Or am i just very very unlucky?
    Did anyone ever got anything better ?
    Why showing us all this nice things if we never get them anyway, i dont get the sense, since we cant even buy the vip coins, they are free!
    so ppl dont spend money to try to get them....
    so saying all in 1 sentence:

    Vip Coins Cupcake?
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    yes im bored alright..

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    It is indeed "possible" to get the lvl6/7 gems, but highly, highly unlikely.

    There have been some tricks posted over the lifetime of Wartune. I can't remember them all, but I do remember one guy saying if you keep refreshing until you have two of the same lvl6/7 gem, you have a better chance of landing one of the two. It has to do with how the wheel chooses what you get. I wish I had some better info for ya but if you search around the forums you might find something more detailed.

    Personally, I've never tried this little trick, I've always gone for the gold. To me a guaranteed 500k gold is better than the likelihood of getting nothing going for something super rare.
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      you get 8 items try to refresh untill there is less than 8 **** rewards, good luck, cos its allways more than 10 lol
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        Only the last 2 spins really matter, the rest of the stuff is mostly junk. The key is to try and get a wheel without the "good" rewards you don't want. I always avoid spinning with any keys, since I can't use those, and if there's 500k gold you always get that. Then if you see 5 whips in two places, that's a guarantee as well. Avoid those, and you might get something nice, but even then it's probably a lower level gem pack or HP potion, and not a level 6 or 7 gem. I did get a level 6 gem one time, so it does happen, but I don't know how many hundreds or thousands of times I did full spins without one.


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          Because vip wheel is old news and we are already used to it, and even the best rewards are just **** after the last gem events.

          The wheel itself should be updated, the market should be updated, sky trail should be updated, stamina altar should be removed, divine altar should be updated, i can keep going.

          The less I play, the more amusing the game gets....