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  • Imonseph
    started a topic Shadow Crystals

    Shadow Crystals

    This is not to be confused with the soul crystals.
    About shadow crystals:
    - green crystals, purple quality resource (purple slot in inventory)
    - collected mainly for guild quest to gain tons of exp
    - plays a role in one of the imperial glory quest

    If there has been an existing thread on this one, pls direct me.
    Else, here's my question:
    what is the true purpose of shadow crystals knowing it's a purple
    quality resource but many low level players don't consider it that way?
    Is it so important as to level up than to build hero stats first? (slow levelling)

  • Imonseph
    For what I know, and you should be able to tell too:
    enhanced bounty scrolls do a better job of rewarding players gold and exp gain
    for completing the quest instead of just exp alone...
    Shadow crystals - another white elephant...

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  • MrFancyPants
    Shadow crystals are useful until you've completely capped your xp - 2.5 million xp every day or two is not too bad for the minimal effort it takes to get them. Besides, other purple items that are junk once you're maxed out:
    soul crystals
    xp books
    sylph xp scrolls
    socketing rods
    fate stones
    plus a bunch of others that are situationally either good or completely useless, like wedding items if you're not married

    So I don't know why you'd single out shadow crystals, I've stockpiled a bunch as a hedge against the potential need for more xp to gain advanced talents. Plenty of items are useful at one point and not at all later. Only campers want to avoid them.

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  • IronBorn
    Long story short, when game started they were purple, things don't change color cause they suck now.

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  • R252856585
    Shadow Crystals, like Battleground Shards, go back to the beginning days of the game. They were both truly valued 2 years ago, but have been overshadowed by gradual development of newer items that provide more power. To give a point of reference for the value of shadow crystals when they game started, here is a list of things that give experience, but were added to the game much later ...

    Lvl 60, 70, and 80 multi-player dungeons
    Lvl 60 thru lvl 70 solo dungeons
    Tower of Kings (which later added an exp boost based on VIP level)
    Tormented Necropolis
    Fish Tank, providing abundant Shadow Crystals and Bounty Scrolls for free
    Sky Trail
    ... not gonna try to think of everything.

    Edit: the only change with Shadow Crystals is the addition of higher-level rewards as the game added higher levels to the characters.
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