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Dumb stuff in the game

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  • Dumb stuff in the game

    I'm writing because although I love this game, some of the content is extremely poorly done.


    (1.) You keep posting new content, (patches), without thoroughly addressing, (see "fixing") the problems in the previous patches.
    Server 84 has been in need of a server merger for months and still nothing.
    What are you waiting on?
    Are you waiting for the rest of the server to quit the game????

    (2.) Every new patch causes my connectivity to get worse and worse.
    I have Roadrunner High Speed internet and I have tried IE, Firefox, Google etc.. and I still get dropped in the middle of crucial battles etc.
    I know its not my ISP or Web browser because I can still talk back and forth on both Raid Call and Ventrillo when the game says that my network was lost.
    I've shut off both my firewall and antivirus and I still get dropped.

    What did your crack team of "elf's" have to say about it on the numerous time that I reported it? Not a damn thing that I haven't already tried...!!!
    So, if your wondering why I have slowed down considerably on cashing, there is your answer.
    I do have to thank you as I have had a lot more money for beer lately, thanks.

    (3.) Next, could you have picked a more stupid location for the recharge button, other than right in the middle of the screen???
    On much more than one occasion, I have inadvertently hit that button, by accident, while trying to catch someone in the Battle Grounds. Although this immediately takes me to the recharge screen, this does not make me want to spend money on Balin's. It make me want to throw the computer across the room because now I am "afk" as someone else attacks me and kills me in BG, while I wait for a minute or so for the game to reload.
    I mean what could you people have possible been thinking when you placed the recharge button, (and that whole tool bar for that matter) in the bottom/middle of the screen...???

    (4.) Last, there was a time that your events were worth waiting for but lately, most of them have sucked. The Soul Crystal events are a joke, the Mount events are also a joke, the gem events are stuck in time at level 9 rewards and speaking of Gems, its damn near impossible to get a level 10 or above gem transposer. You cant hardly ever win them, you cant even buy them. Its a joke and a huge waste of money on Crypt keys that never give you a transposer. I mean seriously, 3 Crypt keys wasted for a few gems and luck stones, some dragon essence and a snowball's chance in hell of getting a transposer scroll???? Why not just be honest and say that you want hundreds of dollars for the level 10 and above Gem Transposer's. At least that way we would know that we were getting one instead of wondering.

    Well, that's my vent, for now and rest assured, I know that nothing will come of this and you will continue on as usual because you have money coming in and no clue how much more money would actually come in if you and your staff just gave a dam about what us players thought of the game.

    Death Stalker

    P.S. You might just want to consider hiring a marketing agent or Public Affairs liaison to help you with your product here.
    Last edited by Death_Stalker69; 12-17-2014, 03:13 PM.

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    lol id gladly advertise but they havnt contacted or said they are interested, i know alot of bugs people dont and i know fixes but they once again nvr contacted/replied :/ guess they arnt interested
    In Game Name: Demonwolf810
    Server: 141 Red Vale
    Guild : Phoenix
    Guild Staff Rank : Member
    If you need help or if you are joining server 141 add me : Demonwolf810
    Ill help as much as i can!