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    well hercs get an automatic 15% damage boost on awakeneing turn from unstable voltage but yeah medusa,athen, and hades users are having some fun, also note that on the first turn of awakening sylphs troops are not affected by awakened player aoe so wait a turn before your player uses an aoe, if both players awaken at the same time that is

    so a little stragtegy to clear sylph troops is to awaken after opponent or wait a turn to do aoe
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      Originally posted by R23224943 View Post
      herc user have to pray there shots go where they want them to but aegis and athena users and wipe out sylph trrops with ease then focus on the player

      idk how it is for stronger people
      but around 200-300k br opponentsi was facing if sylphs were in front, it only took 5 or 6 thundering strike attacks to kill them both
      then i had enough unstable voltage stacks to finish them with a massive delphic

      this is providing i could take the hits
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      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        new system is basically terrible,all you can see is flashy randomness like 2mb flashy games for 4-6 y/o kids,everything happens so fast,you barely see who debuffed who,who buffed what,who attacked who,it is just totaly chaos, and again it happens so fast that you dont even have time to react with good tactic or strategy,old system was great you had time to change strategy or you had time to observe your opponent's moves and guess his next move,there was thriller in pvp and now its gone...