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Hercules useless in PVP. SO Many ppl wasted SOOOO much $

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    Originally posted by No0by View Post
    Ohh guys. So hard to choose. Could you give me some sensible advice please!
    I play this game about 4 months and like it alot. It*s a young server and we*ve got sylphs evolve about week ago. For basic sylphs for now only. (Exluding Apollo and Hades)
    My main interest is a Class Wars for sure . Im Archer # 52 there. We still do have troops and not sylphs like you.
    Now the Question.
    I have:
    1. Gaia Purple 4 star. 3k sepu. All skills.
    2. Hades Purple 1 star. No sepu no skills.
    3. 4k mahra 4k sepu and some cash.
    Very hard to decide where to put that power : get Gaia into sky (Orange 7k sepu Herkules) or go for the future with the Hades ....
    Thanks for all your useful info ! ))
    Go hercules if you're a knight (pretty sure works same for other class), who did open this thread probably doesn't know much about this game. (ranked 1st of losers aka 17th in cw with orange maxed hercules, 44k triton and 22k br nab athena as support)


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      I*m an Archer,so i fight pdef guys(archers) on CW.
      - everyone raising electro def vs gaia\herk.
      - alot of ppl have Illusion with 14%+ .. so if you rely on a Thunder Wave only .. you probably will loose (happened in 1 fight for me).
      - 80% of fights end within 2 or 3 sylphs hits . so Unstable Voltage go for about 10-15% only.
      - but around 90% of my opponents have Gaia.. so LOL i should take Pan-Medusa and rule the CW !))) oooo ...
      C*mon guys you have huge experience in playing this game! Give me your power!)