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Level 1 Divinity Soul

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  • Level 1 Divinity Soul

    I have a Lvl. 1 HP Divinity Soul that I do not know how to use. Does anyone know how I can use it with my sylph?

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    sylph window - equipment tab - socket sub tab

    (it sockets the sylph equips)
    R2 s116 Red Realm + (s113-s119) + (s126-s129-s132-s135) + (s72-s75-s78-s84-s88-s91)

    IGN : Illyasviel
    Class : Archer
    Guild : •OneŽ•
    LvL : 80
    Sylph : Zeus, Hecate, Poseidon
    BR : over 9000!!!


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      Take the equipment off your sylph first, the socketing page is glitchy, but if you remove it first, it should show up, along with any DS that aren't socketed.