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    why i've less gems lvl 9 respect a player less power and younger?

    i've 83 lvl 9 and 0 lvl 10 + 32 lvl 9 in equip.

    she have +130 lvl 9 and all 32 gems in equips lvl 10. both we are free players

    not is the 1st time that happens this. another played months ago had 4 lvl 9 more of me and also he is younger.

    i'm scaried of this. i'm an old free player and also strong but i not understand why i do so badly in gems. both players have less br of me and both are younger of me.
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    Are you sure they're free players? If they're newer, only way they would have more without cashing is if you missed an event that gave gem packs somewhere.


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      It's definitely because they are younger and can probably structure a sentence better. That's just my guess.


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        or maybe just because they're better players than you.
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          This may happen, few gems can make a big dif... happened to my with a friend who is same old than me, he always had less gems than me and i had 1 lvl higher gems than him equiped cuz i had the transposer so he had to hold more gems at lvl5 for longer, then the new gem event cam and he was able to claim rewards more times for making lvl6,7 and 8 than me, aswell he stoped slow lvling and started to do catas and necro ( whem he could get theCK for free) so he could get more gems.
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