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  • League insig rewards

    When are we suppose to get weekly league insig rewards? It was always on saturdays (US WEST 18) but did not receive them.

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    Arena was dead on west coast whole week, at least on our west coast. Imagine same for yours. 14-15 wins daily, and unranked until the very last moment. Unranked = no weekly.


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      same here. I'd send in a ticket, but honestly don't give a **** anymore. I will never spend a penny, so they can screw up their game any way they like. I think everyone should stop sending in tickets, and watch as the game grinds to a halt one day

      and I'm still ranked at Gold 3230 , same as the entire week. but I only earn Iron rewards for wins/losses. I think someone busted the code. North Korea, maybe?
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