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  • no party afkers

    not is the 1st time that there are in night party afkers with high % and that with my party we kill ab in a bad time: around wb time and in evening when we dinner or are in arena.

    at least they fighted i told" nvm, they deserve it" and the time's ab was also better...

    in night not is the 1st time that players want go to sleep after some time. we'll , after 5m of inactivity they will be kicked from party and no rewards.

    today i've done only 30% in ab and i could do more and more gold. there was no one.

    and if 3 players go afk and are kicked? only player active not lose status of party and his rewards , so he can search another players and gain the his deserved rewards. so the others player can go afk, sleep ect and who play can search another players and not play alone in ab or go to sleep cuz no one help he in fights.
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