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no transposer with balens or bb

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  • no transposer with balens or bb

    i see really many thread and players in game that want transposer without sweat.

    i've played for 1 year and i had still gems lvl 6 while now a player with 3 months have all gems lvl 9.

    to lvl 62 i had 42l br and now this player have 100k br (i've excluded +- his fake br from sylph. i not have counted but he was neat to 100k br).

    and see players that want also have transposer lvl 10 with bb do to me angry really many (not is his situation but be angry also he soon).

    players not want do necro because they gain too exp but want transposer for do better gems. you would have better transposer? deserve it! not is the 1st time that i've told hard words to players that would "free the transposer" getting them in shop with bb.

    my suggest is this:

    1) no to drop random in necro
    2) no transposer in necro
    3) no transposer in shop
    4) yes transposer shards in necro without random drop. for example, every 3 stages cleared we gain always 1 transposer shard.

    this solution is better and we can also synthesize the transporter that we want , we remove random drop and players will do necro for have a better gems. you would do the campers? ok, but your gems will be lows. you would transposer? you must deserve it and do many necros.

    result: more necro done , rewards that we deserved and not fallen from sky , more balens and bb in necro.

    i stay doing necro and buying crypt keys for have better transposer and see player that want "free" them do agry an old free player like me.

    i've played many time for have gems high and i see too players near to me in gems. not is fair and not is neither see player angry that they want have transposer in shop...
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    i like this idea, very nice thought.

    However i doubt this is much in the style of wartune: relying much on random luck.


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      However terrible the post grammar and style is, I do like the idea of gathering some Transponder Shards to synthesize them into Gem Transponders.
      They could drop in a similar manner to Dragon Souls and let's say, level 10 Transponder Shards should drop since lvl. 10 or 15 of Necro, level 11 Transponder Shards since lvl. 15-20 and so on.


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        well its an idea but I don't like it very much. you have the chance to save bound balens and have the choice to buy balens like the rest of us. and instead of all of that why not just let us convert the scrolls we get ? whole lot simpler the shards would take to long and don't think it will get any were with the payers or devs.
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