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Still depend on 7th road?

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    Originally posted by ejdark View Post
    hey dude those server still running, and those event since first they launched the game until now

    i know how to remove gems but i want is transferring the old weapon's rank, upgrade, stars to new weapon, so easy to understand.
    enhancement of weapon, THE COLOR i mean from WHITE to ORANGE
    MP dungeons alot of EXP? really? maybe if your a VIP sorry i'm not..

    R2 puppy?
    proud to be non-casher, i didn't waste my money..
    If you want to xfer the item level per say to another weapon/armor/accessory whichever you want, just sell the item, donate some to your guild buy some upgrade stones and there you go....a chance at upping your "new" item, with partial reimbursement for money. At least you have a way to get some of it back