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    I suggest that Guild Members all automatically Friend each other in a separate subset of friends that doesn't count against your Friend total. They would be automatically UnFriended if they leave the guild.
    Otherwise it's a bit weird, especially if you are the Guild Master, if you can't add your Guildmates because your friend list is maxed out.
    WarTune [S40] The Badlands - "Medic"

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    The point of the friends list is to play with people you know you are going to play with.

    Adding a ton of random people and then complaining about not having room is not the way to go.

    Add those people you run dungeons with, know they are going to do crops. That way you will have space.


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      Well, I thought the point of a guild was teamwork even if you don't directly know everyone. Sort of like a a real-life "guild" (e.g., working for Toyota -- you're all employees, so you all help each other out at work... that is, people tend to do that, right?).
      WarTune [S40] The Badlands - "Medic"


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        Then whats the problem of you not being able to help out guild members?

        You have an entire guild list if you need to find someone. They can still PM you.

        Only add guild members then? I don't see the problem in this.