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  • Farm Suggestions

    hi all,
    i have noticed that the farm system is great but could do with a few minor adjustments. (If these have been suggested... Please forgive me, couldn't find a thread saying so.)

    1) introduce 6 hour crops that can be bought for gold. i think this would be great for players, so they don't have to worry about crops dieing over night.
    2) increase the daily maximum exp limit on the farm. if you tend to look after both yours and your friends farms, i find a limit of 200 exp can be easily obtained, and no further exp is gained, i think this should be increased to 300 exp, allowing for players with full friend list to help out more.
    3) increase the maximum kyanite seed limit. i find sometimes only being able to have 1 kyanite crop to be very annoying, especially when kyanite is low, you have already done 5 raids and your tree of ancients. even if just allowing a maximum of 2 plants would be better.

    other than those mentioned the farm, is great. i think adding these adjustments would improve the system for players.

    Many thanks and any other suggestions welcome.
    Last edited by UnholyTemplar; 10-24-2012, 04:05 PM.

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    Shouldn't the Farm be completed first? Before making new suggestion for it? 1 thing at a time man 1 thing at a time.