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Sylph stat confusion

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  • Sylph stat confusion

    I've tried looking at different guides, but they all give the same basic info, nothing in depth, so I'm asking here.

    I'm a mage and switch between using a 5 star blue apollo for general use and 2 star blue AQ which I now mainly use for wb. They're both the same lvl.

    What I'm having a hard time understanding is that I have almost 1500 more MATK with the AQ than with my apollo. In fact, I get no MATK from my apollo at all. I get MATK from my AQ and my Gaia, but nothing from my other 3 sylphs.

    Can someone explain this to me? This seems to go against the game mechanics as I understand them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check the Stats->Growth Page. It has list of natural passives.

    Fire and Electro sylphs has a natural passive give +5% matk/patk.
    Apollo gives +5% MDEF, Hades gives +5% PDEF, etc.

    Click image for larger version

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      Fire and electro sylph give you a 5% PATK and MATK increase.


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        as mentioned above, each sylph has a passive: gaia (eve)/ aq give matk and patk. other sylphs give another stat.

        when equipping a sylph, you will only get its hp stat added to yours, the other stats will add as you awaken. (note: the main atk stat of sylph will be added to your main atk stat)


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          Thanks guys, that helps alot.